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Poets in our anthology

Luis Cernuda

Luis Cernuda was born into a financially comfortable family in Seville in 1909. Perhaps as a result of the very strict discipline imposed by his father, he developed an introverted personality and was a solitary child. He studied Law and Spanish literature at the University of Seville and became active …

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Antonio Gamoneda

Gamoneda is a solitary writer. For many long years he chose to remain cut off from the literary establishment; nevertheless, the poet was able to create a world in which one of the most personal and innovative voices of contemporary Spanish poetry resounds.  

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Geo Bogza

Romanian avant-garde poet, theorist and journalist. Influenced by the surrealists, he became known in the 1930s as a controversial poet, of a rebellious nature (he was imprisoned twice for alleged pornography), and for his acclaimed reportage pieces which he used as a weapon for social criticism.

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Gunnar Ekelöf

Swedish poet and essayist, one of the greatest poets of the 20th century in the Nordic countries. Ekelöf started as a modernist under the influence of French surrealism, but mostly he did not follow fashionable literary currents. An alchemist of words, Ekelöf followed his visions, and searched for inner, often …

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Ledo Ivo

Ledo Ivo (1924–2012) was a Brazilian journalist, poet, novelist, and essayist. Early in Ivo’s career he rejected the stylistic innovations of modernism in favor of classical forms and rhythms, yet his poetic creations exhibit a broad range of themes in language. Ivo once said: “I live by writing, but I …

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Eduardo Milan

Eduardo Milán is a Uruguayan-born poet who left Uruguay in 1979 for Mexico due to political persecution. He has published over a dozen books of poems, as well as essays and literary criticism. He is the recipient of the Premio de Poesía Aguascalientes.  

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