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About us

The House of World Poets has been established in 2006 with the supports of Ahmad Shamlou’s official website as an independent and nonprofit project relying on individual donations and since then has been able to involve more than 50 associate editors and translators to publish original poetry translations from across the world and languages.
After Islamic Revolution, Iranian modern poetry has suffered from a great absence of new voices due to the governmental censorship and restrictions. Since this ideological censorship and restriction has affected traditional book publishing, internet has become the only free sphere that makes an alternative voice to be heard by Iranian young generation.

The house of world poets is an anthology of world poetry in Persian that includes:

– Poetry from a growing number of countries
– An international poets’ archive
– National and international poetry news
– Essays on poetry
– Information on important national and international poetry organizations
– Links to other poetry websites
– Online poetry readings and books